Our patented Trivalent Chromium surface is designed to retain heat within the plate - foods cook faster at a lower temperature, with less product shrinkage.

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  Teppanyaki Griddle

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The key to our great griddle performance is in the Miraclean® surface. The Keating Miraclean® Griddle begins with a 3/4" thick, precision formed, highly polished steel plate. A trivalent chrome surface is applied through an 8-step process. The thermal conductivity of the Miraclean plate assures controlled, even heat distribution to the cooking area.

Standard Features:

•100% customer satisfaction
•Saves 44% in clean-up
•Cooler kitchen
•Saves 32% in energy costs
•Trivalent chromium surface
  on high carbon
  3/4" steel plate
•2" front trough
  3" left side trough
•4-1/2" high backsplash
•100% safety pilot shut-off
•Stainless Steel cabinet and
  grease drawer with handle

Standard plate sizes:
18", 24" & 30" deep and 24" to 72" wide
60x30 Miraclean Gas Griddle

•Stainless Steel stand with shelf and casters
•Streaker griddles - groove is 5/16" wide,
  1 or 2 streaks per inch
•Top-Side™ Cooker attachment
•Trough options:
  3" right side or 2" front
•Additional thermostats for gas griddles