Our patented cook cycle maintains a rolling boil throughout the cooking process.

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Drop-In Pasta - Gas Spec Sheet
Drop-In Pasta - Electric Spec Sheet
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Revolutionize the way you cook pasta, or anything else
you cook in boiling water. Whether you're boiling seafood,
blanching vegetables, poaching eggs, cooking hot dogs or
sausage, rethermalizing meals or warming sauces, this
versatile unit does it all.

Starch Overflow Drain is Standard, Jointed Neck Faucet is an Option Standard Features:

•Available in 14", 18", 20" and 24"
•Full or split perforated baskets
•Automatic water fill with
   manual override
•Patented cook cycle with dual
  thermostatic controls
•Starch overflow drain
•High temperature safety shutoff
•Low water level safety shutoff
•Digital solid state timers
•Indicating lights for water
  filling, power on or pilot on,
  and burners/elements on
•Stainless Steel Hi Limit control
•Stainless Steel heat transfer
  tubes and elements
•Stainless Steel grid screen
  and drain clean-out rod
•Stainless Steel cabinet
•Stainless Steel thermostats

Custom Pasta Unit Custom Pasta
Cleaning Instructions -



•Basket Lifts
•Manual fill
•Faucet (Jointed Neck)
•Sauce warmer
•Individual serving baskets
•380 or 480 voltage
•Deeper tank for use with 7" round baskets
•Casters (Polyurethane) with brakes
•Stainless Steel drainboard
•Common drain manifold for batteried units
•Flue 36" high
•Rinse tank, rinse tank with overflow tube
•Water depth 7½"
•Drop-In Unit (on 14" only)
•Batteried units at no additional charge